The Money and Pension Panel is launching 19 new content films and the Facebook page “På Røven” to put focus on young adults’ personal finances. Without pointing fingers.

Not many young Danes can brag about always being on top of things, when it comes to their personal finances.

This is the focus of the Money and Pension Panel’s Facebook page “På Røven”, where everyday thoughts and challenges of the target group (18 to 25-year-olds) are given a comedic spin. Instead of lecturing, the Money and Pension Panel has created content that is both funny and insightful. And what’s more, content that young people can identify with.

The result is 19 content films, where three different groups talk about their personal finances and relationship to money. Through their discussions, they indirectly give tools and advice to keep track of their finances.

A difficult target group to get talking

Everything is done in a casual and involving way, says Mia Amalie Mai Nielsen, Social Business Consultant at Sunrise. “Film content is an integrated part of our user experience on social media. That is because films are involving and therefore an effective way of communicating“, she says.

”We have focused on developing content films on the premises of social media, always-mobile – and that, first and foremost, are relevant and interesting for the target group – knowing that 18 to 25-year-olds are difficult to engage. We are looking forward to rolling out the different content films throughout the year, where our primary KPI’s are how much they watch and engage in the films, as it indicates both interest and relevance”, concludes Mia Amalie Mai Nielsen.

The content films will be posted throughout 2018. Watch one of the first films here.

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