To ensure the best possible offerings for its clients, Sunrise once again proceeds with its digital expansion. This time taking a natural next step into increasing focus on Marketing Automation. 

An upgrade that now leaves a large digital team counting strategists and specialists within CRM, sales enablement, marketing automation, paid social and google ads, UX & UI, and front and back-end developers. Moreover, Sunrise has an entire creative team that ensures the production of valuable and engaging content that accommodates differentiated needs. 

Taking the lead as Head of Marketing Automation is Camilla Højlund, who many already know as our senior consultant in CRM & Sales Enablement. Camilla has a solid technical background in building automation flows – but further, Camilla has an impressive creative mindset. The latter is a powerful asset for our clients when working to systematize and automate large parts of the customer journey and ensure effective content and valuable customer engagement.

Unlock digital growth opportunities

In short, Sunrise wants to contribute to supporting businesses in unlocking a series of growth opportunities on the digital front. 

The advantages of Marketing Automation are many. To emphasize just a few: 

  • Marketing automation enables you to utilize your contacts’ information in your CRM system to personalize your marketing efforts. In other words, you can segment your audiences and target them with timely messages triggered by events or behavior through their preferred channels. 
  • Automation frees up time for development as employees can cut time spent on repetitive and manual labor. In other words, Marketing Automation ensures efficiency internally. 
  • Nurturing your leads using Marketing Automation can shorten the sales cycle. In other words, Marketing Automation can lead to an increase in sales productivity by aligning and combining your marketing and sales efforts.

Additionally, marketing automation allows businesses to prosper by increasing conversion rates, setting up lead scoring systems, making your processes scalable, and systematizing the customer journey, among other advantages. 

Creative solutions that make an impact on the audience

In focusing on performance, some tend to forget the brand. As a commercial transition agency, our focus is not only on the performance part of Marketing Automation. Sunrise has access to a wide variety of creative minds, skilled copywriters, experienced graphic designers, full-stack developers, and much more. This enables Sunrise to meet any requirements our customers might have in terms of creative concept, expression, look and feel.

Curious to learn more about marketing automation?

Maybe you are already aware of which process you need help automating? Or perhaps you think marketing automation sounds exciting but are having difficulties pinpointing your exact needs?

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Camilla Kornbeck Højlund

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