Sunrise is a Commercial
Transition* Agency.

*A transition is by definition “a change or shift from one state, subject, place, etc. to another” and that is exactly what we do in collaboration with the companies that we work with. We bridge sales and marketing to build brands for today and tomorrow developing lasting partnerships and creative concepts that bring long-term fame.


To be the preferred partner for companies facing a commercial transformation.


We bridge sales and marketing to build brands for today and tomorrow.


Elevating brands & people.

What do we do?

Specializing in strategic brand marketing platforms tailored to your unique requirements, our seasoned leadership and insights team leverages decades of industry wisdom. We possess an innate understanding of marketing trends and customer journeys, empowering us to devise impactful strategies tailored to your business.

Operating across three key domains:

  • Brand Transition
  • Marketing Transition
  • Sales Transition

We focus on precision messaging delivered through optimal channels, directly engaging your target audience.

How do we do it?

When it comes to execution, our team is relentless in ensuring your marketing strategy hits its mark. From fostering lasting emotional connections through brand activation to driving immediate sales via direct-response marketing, we deploy the right tactics to achieve your objectives.

Whether you’re seeking deep customer insights and a refreshed brand platform or require expert guidance on inbound marketing and social media execution, Sunrise is here to craft your strategy and execute it flawlessly, ensuring your business thrives.

bolder than consulting firms and more intelligent than advertising agencies

Why should we work together?

We are the partner of choice for companies undergoing commercial transformation, wishing to integrate sales and marketing to drive business results. We understand that clients—both current and potential—are not best served by traditional advertising agencies and disconnected ideas.

On the other hand, traditional consultancies are often unwieldy, rigid, slow, and costly. Therefore, we take pride in our position in the market. This enables Sunrise’s customers to access not only complex insights and strategies but also sharp creative ideas and effective activation. One client once told us, “You guys are bolder than consulting firms and more intelligent than advertising agencies.”

Meet the team

All Creatives CRM Digital Insights Management Project management Social
Simon Hertz CEO & Co-owner
Mikkel Heideby CCO & Co-owner
Lars Egtoft CFO & Co-owner
Katrine Nordgaard Partner & Head of Consulting
Christoffer Kleding Partner & Senior Advisor, Activation
Jonathan Riis Gilmartin Partner & Senior Advisor, Activation
Camilla Kornbeck Højlund Head of Activation & Senior Advisor (on maternity leave)
Louise Kristiansen Associate Partner & Head of Project Management
Carla Mathilde Larsson Consultant, Content & Social Media
Jan Stistrup Boas Senior Concept Developer
Sophia Blomstrøm Senior Controller
Puk Ebsen Senior Consultant
Christian Cornelius Nielsen Associate Consultant, CRM & Activation
Emma Wittendorff Senior Consultant, Content & Social Media
Steffen Buhl Borgstrøm Senior Advisor & Tech Lead
Jakob Halkiær Larsen Content Creative
Therese Moulton Skaarup Art Director
Matias Kristensen Paid & Performance Specialist
Malene Illum Senior Consultant, Qualitative Insights
Thea Hedegaard Møller Consultant
Simon Kragballe Senior Consultant, CRM & Activation
Mads Munk Pedersen Senior Consultant, CRM & Activation
Karl Beckman Copywriter
Stine Norreen Senior Copywriter
Bue Peitersen Senior Copywriter
Anja Hviid Borning Senior Project Manager
Lise Skakkebæk Larsen Senior Project Manager
Jane Freiberg Senior Project Manager
Martin Hlavacka Senior Full Stack Developer
Mathias Riisgaard Nielsen Consultant
Amalie Sørensen Consultant, Content & Social Media
Christina Pearl Heldt Hamø Senior UX & System Designer
Casper Lind Petersen Associate Partner
Anki Hansen Designer & Art Director
Rune Høgsberg Senior Designer
Ken Jørgensen Senior Full Stack Developer
Rebekka Lorenscheit Student, Legal and Finance
Frida Egtoft Office Manager