A new white paper by Sunrise “Customer Journey – From Thought to Action” cuts through the hype of the customer journey and addresses why marketing executives across both B2B and B2C industries find it both relevant and challenging furthermore, it details the steps companies can take to get started with the customer journey, illustrated with proven cases.

Why are businesses still not onboard with how to work with the customer journey?

In today’s reality of the connected customer, empowered by readily available information and multiple touchpoints it has become more and more complex for companies to chart the endless potential customer journeys consumers take and set the scene for commercial transition. Analysis however shows that despite considering it an important theme across both B2B and B2C industries,

the majority of the marketing executives don’t think they’re ready to deal with this new reality. In collaboration with UserTribe, Sunrise conducted in-depth interviews with B2C and B2B marketing professionals across industries to take a deep dive into this discrepancy between thought and action, analysing four reasons why it’s difficult to get started working with customer journey.

3 steps for getting started working with the customer journey

Despite the challenges of getting started with your customer journey, we offer three simple steps, that in our experience can take you from thought to action – and more importantly – create a commercial transition for your organization:


Start with what you know

Use your internal, often tacit knowledge to formulate hypotheses about customers and the market in workshops and let this form the basis of further data collection to prove or disprove your hypotheses.


Explore the customer journey

Step into the shoes of your customers. Explore the purchasing process, its touchpoints and all the actions and motivations connected to it. Collect qualitative or quantitative data – or both – to find out how existing and potential customers experience your business compared to the competition.


Go from insight to action

Prioritize the required actions to improve the customer journey based on the most valuable insights and an effort/value-based evaluation and compile a hands-on plan of implementation.

Looking to get started working with your customer journey?

Contact Senior Consultant Katrine Nordgaard to talk about the possibilities of preparing your business to work with the
customer journey to start your commercial transition.