Copenhagen ZOO chooses Sunrise as its new agency

Copenhagen ZOO has chosen to partner up with Sunrise, who will assist with the development of the ZOO’s strategy for the next 3 years.

Henriette Povlsen, Commercial Director at Copenhagen ZOO:

“Sunrise was a part of the agency pitch 3 years ago, where we ended up going with Advice. It’s important to emphasize that we haven’t regretted this decision. Advice has played a big part in the fundamental transformation the Zoo has undergone the last 3 years. With ZOO Vision 2020, the ambition was to transform the ZOO into a place with experiences and guest attractions all year round, and we have largely succeeded with that growth strategy. With the help of Advice, we have strengthened our brand position and created a strong foundation, which we can build upon.

As a natural next step after a successful three-year strategy period, we have chosen to look ahead. We have revisited everything from the vision and mission, to our strategic objectives, and very concrete action plans and -projects to ensure that we can get through the next three years as successfully as the previous three. In this process, we have gained valuable and competent sparring from Sunrise, who has shown great understanding of our business and the journey we are on. After this small run-up, it was only natural to expand the collaboration. This is why we initially have asked Sunrise to help us with our Christmas campaign. Christmas in the ZOO is an important strategic investment for us, and Sunrise has also solved this task in an excellent way with a strong team. We have therefore planned an exciting partnership for the coming years.”

At Sunrise, we’re naturally very excited about the partnership:

“We have solved many exciting tasks in 2020, but naturally, when you are invited to work with the actual strategic plan of company like Copenhagen ZOO, it is an acknowledgement of our competences. We love doing campaigns and marketing, but more and more of the tasks we help solve revolve around business strategy and business development. CEO, Jørgen Nielsen and Commercial Director, Henriette Povlsen have led a new commercial direction for the ZOO and have achieved fantastic results. We are delighted that we get to be part of the continued journey,” says Mikkel Heideby, CCO & Senior Partner at Sunrise.

The Christmas campaign launches at the end of November. This is the third year that the ZOO invites you inside for Christmas in the ZOO, and they are very pleased that the guests have welcomed this new Christmas tradition.