Sunrise hire the world’s youngest certified HubSpot trainer as Head of CRM & Sales Enablement

Sunrise continue to expand and manifest the move away from being a traditional advertising agency to being a Commercial Transition Agency. Now with the world’s youngest certified HubSpot trainer on board as Head of CRM & Sales Enablement. Meet Jonathan Riis Gilmartin.

Creating commercial transformation naturally means an increased focus and closer collaboration with the respective sales organizations. Something that Sunrise increasingly has been doing for most of its B2B customers.

Essentially, it comes down to the ability to zoom in on sales material or activities and increase sales through professional and efficient lead generation, -nurturing and -conversion.

Simon Hertz, CEO and Partner at Sunrise:

“It’s a change of attitude we have preached for a long time, so looking at it from that perspective it’s nothing new. But we increasingly experience that both our customers’ and potential customers’ sales- and marketing organizations are becoming more and more aligned – a trend that ultimately benefits both brands and companies and that’s what it’s all about.

Therefore, it is also a natural next step in our own transformation to focus even more on CRM disciplines – and this is why we have made an agreement with Jonathan Riis Gilmartin. Jonathan is the perfect profile, as he – despite his young age – has solid experience and a track record with impressive results created in collaboration with his customers.”

Jonathan Riis Gilmartin comes from Willmore, where he as a founder was responsible for both strategy, onboarding of organizations as well as the technical implementation of sales flows. Jonathan is the world’s youngest certified HubSpot trainer and at Sunrise he will now be a fully integrated part of the team – and with the title of Head of CRM & Sales Enablement, there is something to live up to. For Jonathan, it requires deep knowledge and insights of the target group and how to communicate with them before designing the customer journey. This approach especially made the link to Sunrise extremely interesting and relevant to Jonathan.

Jonathan Riis Gilmartin himself says:

“I have looked forward to become a part of Sunrise and to help the customers develop their sales and marketing departments to a greater extent. We can all agree that growth is an essential focus area, but the road to growth is not that straightforward. In this regard Sunrise, now with me on board, can help ensure a professional and well-thought-out sales setup based on a fully integrated CRM set-up.

Sunrise has many years of experience in creating insights on the basis of data and subsequently translating that data into concrete actions. I believe the combination of our competences can really enable customers’ growth beyond the expected. And the fact that Sunrise consists of a team with incredibly talented and nice colleagues with a high level of ambition suits me perfectly.”