KOMPAN is turning Ideas into Reality

KOMPAN is turning ideas into reality

KOMPAN develops, produces and markets more than 1,000 playground and fitness sites across 90 countries every month. 40 of these countries do so through their own direct operation, while the remainder operate through carefully selected quality agents and partners. This adds up to one installation every 44 minutes. Yet, KOMPAN knew it had the potential to inspire even more people to realize their ideas for the perfect playgrounds and fitness sites. The big question: how to help turn these ideas into reality?

The answer: ImagineIt, KOMPAN’s new AR app.

With the new 3D experience app, you can create a playground or fitness area in augmented reality right before your eyes. Simply select the equipment you like, point to the space you want to place it and, voilà, the site appears for you to see in real time.

Check out the introduction to the app below.