Novafos Thinks It’s Time to Clean Up Your Water Supply

Pesticides in our drinking water has been a subject of public concern for some time now. While pressure increases for politicians to take action, Novafos, a local waterworks based in the North of Sealand, is taking matters into its own hands to stop the use of pesticides.

But how do you get people to make a change? Novafos were well-aware they had to change their approach to get through to their customers with this important message. Following a pitch process, the choice of strategic and creative partner fell on Sunrise to help solve the task.

Still a new supplier on the market, Novafos want to have a strong voice in the public debate surrounding our drinking water and help raise awareness about the consequences of using pesticides:

“We want to be visible to our customers with the message that we supply clean and fresh drinking water, but that clean water is a resource we must protect together” explains Bo Lindhardt, Deputy Director and Head of Division for Water at Novafos.

“We talked to a number of agencies about how to solve the task, but Sunrise stood out. The purpose of the campaign is to tell homeowners in the nine municipalities that we service to stop the use of pesticides in their gardens. And Sunrise presented a very interesting take on this,” he says and continues: “The campaign will be supported by messages of what you can do to preserve our clean drinking water – for present and future generations. But without lecturing or visions of the apocalypse.”

Novafos is owned by the nine municipalities it operates in, which meant that an important part of the process was getting them on board with the campaign. “The campaign has been presented to the nine municipalities. Everybody has approved the idea and we can’t wait to start developing the campaign in the coming months,” Bo Lindhardt says.

About Novafos

Novafos is a water and wastewater company based in North Sealand, Denmark. Novafos supplies clean drinking water to 425,000 consumers together with a number of private waterworks. Novafos is owned by the municipalities of Allerød, Ballerup, Egedal, Frederikssund, Furesø, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Hørsholm and Rudersdal. Novafos also cleans all wastewater from the inhabitants in the nine municipalities.