Ambitious expansion plans and a new agency

The Whole Company has teamed up with the commercial transition agency Sunrise, which will be responsible for the marketing strategy across the company’s entire brand portfolio, consisting of a number of Denmark’s most prominent FMCG-brands.

The Danish-owned holding company, The Whole Company, is a “house of brands” with a focus on FMCG and owns brands such as Castus, Fredsted The, Trope and so on.

The company has begun a long-term strategic process to strengthen its market position and revitalize communications platforms across the entire brand portfolio, with the aim of ensuring future growth.

After examining the market and looking at various collaborative constellations, the Whole Company chose to partner with Sunrise.

– We are in the process of creating a permanent and more qualified reinforcement of the knowledge and preferences for a number of our brands. Thus, we want to maintain existing market share but of course, also gain more. This applies to Denmark but also to new channels and markets, says Michael Rahbek, marketing director of The Whole Company.

The wish to elevate the brand to the next level is one of the main reasons behind The Whole Company choosing to enter a partnership with Sunrise:

As we have ambitions to expand our business and grow across all categories and international markets, there is no doubt that a strong branding foundation is essential. Sunrise presented a solid understanding of our business and market. The agency highlighted a number of unresolved marketing strategic potentials and could with precision point out brand strategic factors, which can strengthen our brand, enabling us to create an even more sustainable platform for future growth. This is why we chose them, continues Michael Rahbek. They have the right mindset and their backlist is very convincing.

New international product launch

The collaboration commenced with the product launch and communication strategy for the new sub-brand under Castus; Tiny People’s Choice – a new, organic fruit-and vegetable snack for children.

– Our analyses show that families with children want healthy, fibre rich and organic snacks for their youngest children on the go, says Michael Rahbek and adds: At the same time, we could see that the target group needed a healthier alternative to the quick snack on the road. Something not associated with a bad conscience and stress. These insights are what shape Tiny People’s Choice’s brand concept “A Magical Break”. Here, we focus on the small breaks from everyday life’s hustle and bustle, let children pull the plug and allow imagination and creativity to run free.

A campaign driven by television

The small, fibre-rich organic snack launched together with a communications platform, where the focal point was creativity. The platform is still in a 360-degree rollout and was at the beginning of the year, supported by a new TV commercial on nation-wide television and social media exposure. The essence of the concept consists of four different underwater animals, each with their own personalities and characteristics, and a boy, who from the backseat of a car, experiences a world full of playful opportunities.

– The ad is supposed to incite happiness and good karma, for both kids and parents to bring with them when navigating their busy everyday life. There should always be time for a little break, where creativity can flourish – and that’s what we think the platform delivers by depicting Tiny People’s Choice in Castus as the healthier snack-alternative, hopefully associated with a positive and joyful little occasion, where creativity is allowed to run free, says creative director at Sunrise, Michael Schlenzig.

Simon Hertz, CEO and co-owner of Sunrise, adds:

– For us, it’s always interesting to get the possibility of working with clients like The Whole Company, who have similar levels of ambition, both nationally and internationally. We thrive when we get to take part in creating results and growth. It’s a real pleasure to be an essential partner in a process as ambitious and important as this. Naturally, we approach this task with humility, but at the same time, allow ambitions to grow big. I truly feel that we are well aligned with Michael Rahbek, his team and the rest of the management team – with well-functioning business and working relationships, which is a great starting point for success.

One of the tasks now is to determine the future brand and market position for Castus, which has up to now mostly been famous for fruit bars for children and child-like souls.

– It’s an exciting journey for the whole company, and I look forward to a successful partnership with Sunrise, concludes Michael Rahbek.