As we enter the final week of Project ReBoost, we’ve taken stock of the initiative

Years of experience advised us against slamming the brakes, even at the heights of the COVID-19 crisis. So instead, we launched Project ReBoost with the purpose of bursting the standby bubble and do our part to help set the wheels of Danish business in motion again.

In a joint project with Børsen, we have offered strategic marketing projects and effective campaign packages for existing and new clients, tailored to create immediate visibility, branding and impact here and now – but without costs here and now.

Presenting the possibility to initiate marketing efforts instead of postponing, Project ReBoost has now laid the foundation for new collaborations and partnerships. Amongst the many projects initiated, we are excited to announce our new partnership with leading hearing aid retailer, Din Hørespecialist:

“After an extensive period of 23 closed stores in connection to COVID-19, we needed to increase customer traffic and reactivate a major product launch, which fell unfortunate due to the lockdown. Our normal channel mix was challenged by the COVID-19 situation, and it forced us to think in alternate directions. We wanted to test TV, which we had not used before because we considered it too expensive in terms of both production and content compared to our other activities and platforms. The deciding factor in initiating the idea was Project ReBoost, which Sunrise presented to us together with media planning advice in order to get the most value.

It has been an intensive process where we as a team had to work creatively and effectively, but we are very pleased with the result and Sunrise’s ability to bring a commercial and creative perspective together. We are absolutely sure that the creative solution will place Din Hørespecialist on the map, and we look forward to activating the concept across channels to ensure the necessary acquisition of customers”

Kristoffer Drachmann, CMO at Din Hørespecialist

If you also want to reap the benefits of Project ReBoost before June 30th,
Contact CCO and Senior Partner
Mikkel Heideby
+45 20 25 30 05 or mhe@sunrise.dk