Optimising digital presence for Norva24

Norva24 is the Norwegian and Danish market leader within certain infrastructure maintenance niches, including sewer service, pipe inspection, tank cleaning and industrial maintenance services. Norva24 employs approximately 500 employees and has annual turnover in excess of NOK 800 million. Norva24 is a portfolio company of Valedo Partners.

The company, founded in 2015, was created through the merger of a number of complementary regional companies but with a similar service offering and a shared strategic vision of consolidating, professionalizing and developing the sewer service industry.

Norva24 has chosen Sunrise to collaborate with optimizing its digital presence across media platforms and develop a new corporate website that will be an integral part of the company’s quest for further growth.

Carina Gyring Gravesen, Head of Marketing at Norva24:

“Sunrise has shown that they have great understanding of the digital customer journey within B2B industries like ours. They approached us with a thorough analysis of our existing market challenges and our website and had a number of suggestions to help us get more leads.

We met a very ambitious team with a no-nonsense attitude and a great understanding of how to work with e.g. social media, when you are a low-involvement company like Norva24. We really look forward to be working with the digital team at Sunrise.”

Digital Director & Partner at Sunrise, Mikkel Wendelboe:

“Many B2B marketers over-emphasize driving traffic – which is a recipe for inflated acquisition costs and below-average results. What they really need is a more effective conversion funnel. With Norva24 we have agreed that we want to do it the right way from the beginning.”

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