Louis Nielsen wanted to build its brand in the eyes of those less attracted to price offers and more engaged by an optician they can trust. But what is the best way to communicate its authenticity? The creative solution had to showcase Louis Nielsen’s many advantages in a campaign for Denmark that could then be adapted for Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands.

The creative solution

Almost all Danes know the payoff, “Should have gone to Louis Nielsen”. The line has worked extremely well on TV for years. But could it be used for something more? Talking through the options, we decided to make a small but brave change. We adapted this well-known classic to form a question instead: “Why did you go to Louis Nielsen?”. Next, we invited various customers to tell us their honest opinion about Louis Nielsen and let the cameras roll.


We chose real customers and real stories. It may not be the latest trick in the marketing book, but it’s probably one of the most effective. We took this approach because our analysis showed people want to hear about products and services from those they can identify with – people like themselves. They were done with campaign offers perceived as “advertising” and unnecessary noise.

The campaign was developed for all platforms with a campaign site hosting all messages. Here, Louis Nielsen’s own opticians explain how they work with quality, style, eye health and many other topics. You can also dive deeper into customer stories told on TV and social media. All in all, the site shows how Louis Nielsen is an optician you can trust. 

The results: a coherent campaign rolled out across media channels and countries for a specific target audience, and, of course, a new take on a well-known pay-off.