1. Release 1.0 flows

If you want to build a rocket ship, you need to start with the basics. Make sure you welcome and follow-up on all new leads and customers with at least one relevant message. Start writing your in-app message or email today and get it out there in your 1.0 flow. The great thing about a 1.0 flow is that it gives you a chance to learn and improve based on real interactions.

2. Pick the lowest hanging fruits

When building complex solutions, it’s sometimes easy to lose track of the small things that can create value right away. Go through your existing setup and pick three small things that can be optimised with minimal effort. For example, consider how your call-to-action could be stronger and easier to locate. Maybe you can split your welcome message in two to make it more digestible for your audience? Or perhaps you can insert one or two reminders on an existing campaign or flow to get a higher response rate? Whatever the case, there are almost always opportunities to make easy improvements that immediately create value.

3. Test your content on different screen sizes

Most of us work on a desktop when producing and setting up our content. However, if you’re, for example, setting up an email in a drag and drop template, the result may look excellent until you test it on mobile.

When looking at your content on a smaller screen, you might find that your headlines are too long, the logo has vanished, big chunks of text are hard to read and that your subject line cuts off right before the critical part. These are just a handful of the common mistakes that can happen when creating content for different screen sizes. 

You can therefore do yourself a huge favor by simply testing your content on various screen sizes to make sure it fits before publishing it.

4. Repurpose existing content

Maybe you have an e-book that’s not performing as it should be, or some great blog posts just collecting dust on your site. This type of content can no doubt be valuable if presented in the right way. What’s the right way? Take this type of content and break it up into easily digestible chunks. Then simply put together your flow – one message at a time.

This help your audience avoid information overload while giving them a chance to dive in to your content instantly.

5. Create a personal touch

People love people: it’s a simple insight that can do wonders for your marketing automation. Acting on this insight means including faces, names, quotes and cases to give your flow a more personal feeling. 

You can also focus on making your automated messages more personal by inserting a specific sender. Include a name, picture and perhaps a signature depending on the context of the message.

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