Sunrise and the Danish Cancer Society Partner again for a Follow-Up Campaign

Sunrise and the Danish Cancer Society are working together again to raise awareness of the increased cancer risk caused by being overweight.

Last year, Sunrise created a campaign titled “Et Ufedt Budskab” (“An Uncool Message”) for the Danish Cancer Society in an effort to enlighten Danes on the severe cancer risks that come with being overweight (read about the case here). Recently, the Danish Cancer Society asked Sunrise to help bring further awareness to the cause with the development of a follow-up campaign. 



The concept

Building off the previous concept, “Ufede Fælder” (“Uncool traps”) shines a light on the “daily traps” people often fall into that can lead to increasingly unhealthy eating habits. These “traps,” such as buying extra portions because of a sale, choosing large instead of small sizes because you get more for your money, or using a “hyggelig” evening with friends as an excuse to eat unhealthy snacks, have become such a normal part of society that people rarely give them much thought. 

“Ufede Fælder” aims to help Danes recognize such traps and understand that these everyday, seldomly considered occurrences can have a huge impact on unhealthy weight gain. In this way, the campaign links to the overarching goal of raising awareness of the increased cancer risk that comes with being overweight.

The campaign

The campaign is anchored by two social media films and includes a website featuring a list of the “traps,” a quiz on the “traps” and a tool to evaluate your weight. Visit to take the quiz and learn about the unhealthy traps present in our daily lives.