Most people will agree that 2020 was a turbulent and challenging year. Everyday life was radically altered and companies have been forced to review their ways of working. In the midst of ongoing challenges, digitalization, the number of customer touchpoints and the number of developing technologies continue to increase rapidly. In order to keep up with the fierce competition, B2B companies must find a way to navigate this fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Success requires a willingness to be open and seize new opportunities with a curious and experimental mindset. 

This might sound challenging. But luckily, we understand change and what it takes to successfully navigate our complex world. We work together with companies of all industries and sizes on a wide range of marketing tasks to help them achieve commercial success.

Our INC model sets you on the right path

No matter the goals of your company or the challenges it may face, we are here to help you Investigate, Navigate and Create the solutions that deliver results and drive growth. Not only do we seek solutions for your problems, but we also help you through the entire process – from gathering meaningful data and insights, to carrying out analysis and brand strategy, all the way to activation and implementation.


We use data & insights to identify what really matters to a brand’s audience, often finding the true statistical drivers behind consumers’ willingness to buy a brand more often or pay more for it.

We develop brand & strategy by exploring possible positions – relevant, credible and engaging areas of focus – for the brand’s image and communication. Through this process, we create an overarching creative concept: a distinctive, long-term core idea that unites and directs all of a brand’s marketing efforts.


We focus our activation & implementation by generating, executing and distributing creative solutions to the target audience in a manner that grabs attention, elicits emotion and helps achieve key business objectives.

Through these three steps, we help our clients move from complexity to simplicity, enabling them to make smarter, more informed decisions about their business and marketing.

Read more about our INC model here.