Zleep Hotels has an ambitious growth strategy, both nationally and internationally, which is why it is important for the hotel chain to set a new direction for its marketing activities in the future.

To help with this task, Zleep Hotels has chosen to partner up with Sunrise. Sunrise will be responsible for Zleep Hotels’ overall marketing strategy, objectives and visual guidelines – in collaboration with the hotel chain’s own marketing department.

Zleep Hotels has gradually reached a size where we need a strong strategic partner. As we begin to open more hotels across Europe, our brand identity and guidelines must be perfectly clear to the entire organization. In terms of the path that we are on, Sunrise is undoubtedly the right partner for us. They have a very competent team with some “heavy” profiles, and there is no doubt that they understand in which direction we want to take the brand. At the same time, they aren’t afraid to challenge us, which is just the spirit I’m looking for,” says Zleep Hotels’ Marketing Manager, Bettina Wähling.

The new partnership will ensure the hotel chain a stronger marketing strategy and a clearer visual identity. In other words, the task is clear, and both parties are excited to roll up their sleeves:

“Zleep Hotels is led by a group of very ambitious people, who are eager to move the company from a local brand to an international one. The fact that we have been chosen to help with this transition makes us very proud and humble. It shows that Sunrise is in really good shape and off to a great start in 2020. We are very much looking forward to working with the whole Zleep team,” says Mikkel Heideby, Partner & CCO at Sunrise.

About Zleep Hotels

Zleep Hotels is part of the Deutsche Hospitality brand family. Zleep Hotels vision is to provide quality, service and design at a good price. Today, the hotel chain consists of 11 hotels in Denmark and one in Sweden, and five new hotels have already been announced. The goal is to operate 40 hotels by 2025. In addition to Zleep Hotels, the Deutsche Hospitality brand portfolio also counts the four well-known hotel brands Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, MAXX by Steigenberger, Jaz in the City and IntercityHotel.