From Arkitektgruppen to AG Gruppen

The Danish property development company Arkitektgruppen recently changed its name to AG Gruppen A/S. The commercial transition agency Sunrise helped AG Gruppen with an upgraded marketing platform as a part of the new strategic direction.

The acknowledged Danish property development company, Arkitektgruppen, recently changed its name to AG Gruppen A/S. The change is part of a strategic process to strengthen AG Gruppen’s focus on the entire value chain in order to yield a higher return on investment for the company’s collaboration partners.

Following this transition, it was time to upgrade the marketing platform to successfully appeal to a broader and combined target group spanning both end-consumer, commercial property owners and investors while embracing the range of services AG Gruppen offers.

Sunrise helped AG Gruppen during this commercial transition and in order to establish the foundation for encapsulating AG Gruppen’s key brand drivers, differentiating parameters, and company characteristics, Sunrise conducted a number of interviews with relevant external and internal stakeholders. The main goal was to preserve the authentic and warm DNA that the well-established and strong brand, Arkitektgruppen, have had since 1986 while simultaneously providing the brand an updated, more international and business appealing appearance equipped for the future.

“Our new name is a step towards the future. Sunrise helped us update our marketing platform and create a unified brand foundation in line with our new strategic direction, while maintaining our original values at the core.”

– Robin Feddern, CEO, AG Gruppen

The updated marketing platform was articulated through a new corporate brand story embracing AG Gruppen’s vision, values and brand purpose. To support the new brand name and foundation, Sunrise also revised AG Gruppen’s visual identity and logo.

Sunrise additionally helped AG Gruppen with a cross-channel launch of its new name, an update of its website and design of a range of corporate marketing assets to ensure a consistent corporate identity across all touchpoints.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with ambitious clients like AG Gruppen and to help elevating their brand. We are very proud and pleased with the results, and we look forward to unfold the brand further and follow AG Gruppen on its new strategic journey.”

– Lisbet Jantzen, Director of Customer Experience & Partner, Sunrise