Sunrise is set to join a strategic collaboration with the video-based insights platform Sonar, formerly UserTribe. Through the collaboration, Sunrise looks forward to supporting its clients’ digital transformations with customer insights while at the same time helping Sonar provide tailor-made strategic solutions to its client base.

Since 2011, the customer insights company UserTribe has helped companies understand their customers through anthropologic video analysis of consumers. Sunrise has worked together with UserTribe for several years to help clients integrate insights into their decision-making process when developing products, brand experiences, and communication. However, with a growing demand for an integrated solution, UserTribe has made the move to merge brands with its software-platform, Sonar, and enter a strategic partnership with Sunrise and Implement Consulting Group.

In collaboration with Sonar, Sunrise will be able to boost its ability to source key customer insights for clients. Enhancing the amount and speed of insights, Sunrise aims to provide clients with a more complete understanding of their customers and how to best meet their demands, while ensuring the same high quality of analysis and strategic advice.

The insights enabled by Sonar will play an important role for Sunrise’s clients, especially in their digital transformations:

We have expanded our insights offering significantly over the past years and we are excited to accelerate this journey even further together with Sonar. Digital transformation remains a priority among our customers, and the partnership will allow us to support them with a faster and more flexible way to integrate insights into their digital development process”, says Katrine Nordgaard, Head of Insights and Strategy at Sunrise, “We look forward to the collaboration and see great potential to create even more value for our customers”, Katrine adds.

As Sunrise is set to strengthen its ability to source and implement customer insights, the collaboration will also see Sunrise assist Sonar’s customers on how to apply, implement and work strategically with insights. Sunrise will be able to offer Sonar’s platform to more of its customers around the world and operate the platform on Sonar’s behalf – which provides exciting new possibilities for growth.

Casper Henningsen,
CEO & Co-founder of Sonar

We can now support more of our customers’ needs with stronger capabilities. We are gaining momentum, leveraging on our technology, expertise, and partnerships to make a global splash and scale our operations with full focus on the software element of our companyI believe that we at Sonar have a product that can take the world by storm, empowering companies to build better solutions and services for their customers and increase their revenue potential”.

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