As part of an ambitious growth strategy, the country’s largest retailer of carpets, flooring, curtains and tiles, Garant, launched a pitch to find a new agency that would be prepared to meet its objectives. The opportunity was given to Sunrise, that has now been tasked with helping to raise top line through a revitalization of the chain’s brand, web platform and go-to-market strategy.

With more than 60 stores nationwide, and a positive development in the company’s vital statistics, Garant is firmly established in the market. The aim is to exploit this favourable situation to further cement and strengthen the chain’s position by capturing additional market share within the core categories: carpets, floors, curtains and tiles.

A marketing transition

The marketing initiatives introduced to meet Garant’s growth ambitions are a revitalization of the entire brand platform, development of a new website and e-commerce platform, and a rethink of the go-to-market strategy. These initiatives aim to raise awareness across the target group and link the many product categories and service offerings more cohesively, therefore lifting the overall top line of the chain.

The demand for a full-service partner to carry out this 360-degree marketing mission was decisive in the choice of Sunrise.

“We chose Sunrise because the team demonstrated the ability to link strong strategic insights about Garant’s business, audiences and market to a bold creative concept and a well thought out go-to-market strategy. They took the time to listen and understand our members and understand our business and organization as an independent retail chain. Our ambitions are high and we want to create an even stronger foundation for growth that can lift sales across all product categories. We believe that the new strategy can take the whole chain to the next level – position us even stronger and lift the top line. It is an exciting journey and we look forward to further cooperation.”

– Claus Astrup Larsen, Chairman of the Board, Inbogulve AmbA (chain office for Garant)

Strong insights drive the strategy

The new strategy has been based on an in-depth insight and analysis project of both internal and external stakeholders’ attitudes to Garant, the market and the chain’s competitors. This has ensured the right foundation for the development of the future brand platform, position and brand promise – which will form the basis of Garant’s communication and creative universe. With the strategic and creative foundation in place, a 360-degree go-to-market plan has been drawn up across TV, print, digital and social media, which together will ensure the “new” Garant brand story is imprinted broadly and deeply across the target audience. The new campaign is set to start running in February.

“It has been incredibly exciting and enriching to work so closely with the Board of Directors, the management and the chain members in Garant about the future strategy for the brand. It is always a pleasure to work with companies that have an ambitious growth agenda, and possess both the courage and willingness to think long term and out of the box to achieve results. The whole team here at Sunrise looks forward to the journey ahead together with Garant.”

– Phillip Jein, Senior Consultant, Sunrise