How to Win Awards – A “tight and striking” Script Says EKKO

Welcome Home for Børnecancerfonden has won Best Screenplay at the EKKO Shortlist Awards 2019. The film written by Janus Maybom Jauch in collaboration with Director Laurits Munch-Petersen, shows the huge and varied impact cancer has on children and families living with the disease. Jauch’s creative idea and execution reflects the scale of this impact with an emotionally effective manuscript that EKKO describes as “tight and striking”.

Welcome Home is both raw and intuitive, capturing beautifully the child’s perspective and a spontaneous, unfiltered reaction to a complex emotional landscape. It expertly unwraps how the everyday and the extraordinary go hand in hand for families living with cancer. It achieves both artistically and in its aim to raise awareness for Børnecancerfonden, which supports child cancer research and the children and families living with cancer every day.

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