Why iOS15 will have a big impact on e-mail marketing and why we’re looking forward to it

Most marketing systems we work with have received access to the iOS15 beta. The content of this article is therefore based upon the details of the new software that Apple has revealed thus far.

It hasn’t even been a year since the arrival of iOS 14 brought a shiver of unease to all working with paid advertising. As anyone with an Apple device is (likely) aware of, the 2020 update was the first of its kind to prompt users with the option to opt-out of activity tracking on their device. This addition not only made it more difficult to run target advertisements for anyone with an Apple device, but it also made it tougher to measure and report the effect of social media marketing efforts. Considering the speed bumps presented by iOS 14, the roadblocks planned in Apple’s latest update have many advertisers understandably stressed out!

iOS 15 is set to debut any day now, bringing with it a new era of data privacy. The update includes a variety of features to bolster user privacy, but the most potent of the new safeguards may well be the Mail Privacy Protection. This new feature will allow users to prevent e-mail senders from seeing when and where they open an e-mail, as well as concealing their other online activity on Apple devices.

As such, the stage is set for paid advertisers to encounter major challenges in how to effectively generate leads and attract customers.