After several consecutive years of growth for the agency, Sunrise is faced with a natural strategic process – taking a breath of fresh air at the same time as laying plans for the future of Sunrise.

In this context, Katrine Nordgaard, Jonathan Gilmartin and Christoffer Kleding have been promoted as Sunrise’s new partners. What the three have in common is that they have been a large part of the driving force behind Sunrise’s growth in recent years and are well-liked by colleagues and customers alike. At the same time, they contribute to creating an inspiring working environment with a particular focus on talent development – ensuring Sunrise constantly attracts and develops talent.

The latter in particular has been important in the deliberations, says CEO Simon Hertz, who is delighted to have three new young partners in the partner group:

“We have chosen to promote Katrine, Jonathan and Christoffer because, through persistent efforts over several years, they have been a large part of driving the agency to where Sunrise is today.” he says and continues:

“At the same time, they all have forward-looking, robust profiles, which I believe will be important for Sunrise in the long run. In addition to being ambitious, enterprising, and creating strong results, Katrine, Jonathan and Christoffer have already distinguished themselves at a young age as skilled and likeable leaders in recent years, which we are sure will benefit the entire organization. They don’t just focus on their own projects – but are at least as good at making time to listen, help, inspire and develop others.”

“Being able to look beyond oneself and contribute to creating a unique culture are values ​​that are important to us here at Sunrise, and which we have been able to see reflect positively on the business, and therefore we are happy for the same reason, that Katrine, Jonathan and Christoffer will now be part of the partner group,” says Simon.

Different perspectives create the right solutions

Jonathan Gilmartin is one of the new partners at Sunrise. He has helped take the first steps in the CRM department, which is now among the agency’s largest teams, and worldwide among the most talented HubSpot specialists. Jonathan looks forward to continuing to contribute in his new role:

“When we started the CRM department just two years ago, we very much had butterflies. I knew we had the right plan and product, but I was excited to see how establishing a new specialist department at a multidisciplinary agency like Sunrise would go,” says Jonathan.

“It has all gone really quickly. Today I am really proud of our team and happy with where we are. At the same time, I have realized that it has been healthy and educational for the whole agency and myself, including putting specialist knowledge within CRM and, for example, HubSpot into play with the agency’s other professional communication and marketing disciplines. Most often, this leads to better and more correct solutions for the customers.”

“I think that most people will agree with me that marketing solutions today have become more complex, spread over several platforms and require the involvement of several different profiles. I look forward to developing even more of these integrated solutions, which, among other things, tie sales and marketing together. And I feel that I can contribute to an even greater degree as a partner, where I now also have an important role across the agency,” he concludes.

Jonathan was hired at Sunrise in 2020. He started as Head of CRM & Sales Enablement, is the day-to-day manager of the agency’s Activation department and can now call himself a Partner at Sunrise.

Katrine Nordgaard has been employed at Sunrise since 2018. Katrine started as Associate Consultant and has over the years been at the forefront of developing the agency’s Consulting unit with a particular focus on developing the agency’s products, processes, and competencies within Customer Insights. She has repeatedly delivered impressive results for the agency and advises global as well as national companies such as Flügger, KOMPAN, Clever, Roche, danbolig and Gyldendal among others. Today Katrine is Head of Consulting and now Partner at Sunrise.

Christoffer Kleding has been employed at Sunrise since the end of 2018. He started as Head of Social, where he set a new direction for the agency’s work with social media and built a strong team in record time, which has secured Sunrise a significant position in the market. Christoffer advises organizations and brands such as Mary Fonden, Cloetta, Lunar, Specsavers, GUBI, Pilgrim among others, and in 2020 was appointed among “The M Talents” by Dansk Markedsføring. He was later promoted to Associate Partner with continued responsibility for the Social & Activation department – ​​and is now also promoted as Partner.