It has been a month since we, proudly, revealed our collaboration with the new fitness chain, FitnessX

The first FitnessX center is now launched and has been through a visual transformation. The center is located in Virum in a residential area – a place you drive by, if you do not know that Virum’s best fitness center is located here.

During the process with Per Lyngbak Nielsen and his team, we have, in a close collaboration, been working on different design routes. One of the most important aspects in this design process was to create a visual identity that is unique for Virum. Why? Because we need to attract and talk to the specific community located in Virum and at the same time make sure that center stands out in the area.

The process with Per Lyngbak Nielsen and his team is definitely worth mentioning, as it has been a streamlined and constructive process. And the result? Completely transformed center within six weeks – from initiated design thoughts to a full covered FitnessX center.