Does your company work with agents? Maybe they’re placed all over the world calling in from different time zones?
If your answers to these question is yes, we believe you’d welcome Sunrise’s Agent Setup tool that gives you the overview and control you’ve been looking for. 

Selling through agents can be a beneficial sales channel for your company. But being able to understand exactly what deals your agents are working on, when to expect the next sale, and how agents are performing can be difficult.

Talking to clients, we often hear of many different methods of controlling this channel – but having one definitive source for understanding how your agents are operating seems to be missing. 

Agent Setup – A System that is Fully Integrated with your Preferred CRM System

At Sunrise we’ve developed an intuitive tool to control exactly this issue. Our Agent Setup is fully integrated with your preferred CRM system, meaning there’s no need to give your agents access to valuable and confidential data.

The setup is simple – each agent gets their own login, and you can either manually or automatically assign deals. Furthermore, agents can register their own deals. 

As well as controlling the sales pipeline, the setup will also give you the possibility of distributing unique marketing materials for each agent. Furthermore, you can share the latest information about your company so that your agents are up to date on how best to sell your product.

One Source of Information for Your Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Meetings

Our Agent Setup tool gives you and your agents one source of information for your daily, weekly, or monthly meetings, so you always know exactly where to look. 

Having an updated sales pipeline is what dreams are made of and we’re confident that your agents will be happy too – because having access to our intuitive Agent Setup tool removes the hassle of reporting to managers. 

If you can relate to situations like these, we’d love to give you a free demo and talk about how we could tailor our solution to the needs of your company.