Most people know DFDS as a Passenger Ferry where people either travel in their own cars or enjoy mini cruises where they can experience the on-board facilities. But DFDS is much more than that. In fact passengers only account for 17 % of the revenue. The largest part of DFDS’ business is B2B – freight shipping and logistic solutions. 

There is no shortage of B2B marketing agencies claiming to match the services that your company needs in order to grow. However, at DFDS B2B Marketing, daily responsibilities involves balancing multiple projects and managing priorities in a way that can be demanding. So when choosing an agency, we went looking for one that has an analytical mind and a creative soul. We want to work with an agency partner who understands the market, the trends, the competition and can enable our business to grow. A partner that invests time in understanding the journey we need to go on in order to become an even more impactful part of the industry.

As a client, you want to work with a marketing advisor you trust, an agency partner who is comfortable in handling high pressure, and often unpredictable, business challenges and one who’ll be able to measure and reveal how your marketing investments pay off. You want to work with an agency committed to KPI’s and measuring success on an ongoing basis. After having met with a number of agencies the B2B marketing team agreed that Sunrise would be an ideal agency for DFDS’ B2B Marketing.

Kenneth Tange, Head of B2B Marketing at DFDS

To keep pace with the changing marketplace, DFDS B2B Marketing are working to find the perfect balance between growing their in-house digital marketing team and partnering with an external marketing agency. This is how the talks started. DFDS B2B Marketing was looking for an agency to provide a spectrum of services, from tactical support to creative strategy and content innovation. And they needed a partner that could adapt and evolve along with their marketing needs and opportunities. We are very humbled that Kenneth Tange and his team chose Sunrise and really look forward to our cooperation. This confirms that our agency model is working and that our raison d’être about “elevating brands & people” is very relevant in the difficult year 2020.

Mikkel Heideby, Senior Partner at Sunrise