Revitalized Communication Concept for an Engineering Giant

A New Chapter for Eltronic Group

Eltronic Group is a gathering of engineering companies headquartered in Hedensted, where the company Eltronic was founded in 2000. Eltronic Group consists of a number of highly specialized technology companies, all of whom share a common business platform. Today Eltronic Group employs approx. 500 employees across a wide range of disciplines primarily within engineering and technology.

“For a long time we have talked about having to sharpen our core story and digital strategy across our companies in Eltronic Group. A quite comprehensive task. However, as a typical B2B company, we often consider sales and marketing investments to be just that – investments. Something you hope will turn into good business in the long run,” explains Jesper Rantala, CEO at Dynatest and Vice President at Eltronic Data Intelligence, and continues:

“Sunrise quickly convinced us in their abilities, as they were able to showcase a tried and tested analytical approach, as well as a documented understanding of working with very complex B2B companies. This is why we decided to initiate these essential projects now instead of postponing them quarter after quarter.”

Mikkel Heideby, CCO and Co-owner at Sunrise adds:

“We are very excited about the partnership with Eltronic Group and the companies under the Eltronic Group umbrella. Since 2000, Eltronic has managed to continually expand its business within various engineering and technology industries and they have huge ambitions moving forward. Furthermore, we know Eltronic Group from previous work, and know that they are good people with solid values and a positive attitude – this just makes the project even more enjoyable. We’re thrilled to be a part of this next chapter in Eltronic Group’s journey.”