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Alcon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses and contact lens products with a strong portfolio of brands that includes Dailies Total1 and Aquacomfort Plus.



The company claims a strong market leader position, but in line with development in other industries, the optician industry is also experiencing the global shift towards e-commerce. This is proving a major challenge for contact lens brands. Customers now find it easy and convenient to just “click and collect” without the need for any further interaction with their optician, let alone the specific brands.



At Alcon’s EMEA office in Geneva, they are well aware of these new digital consumer habits and have defined key challenges within digital sales channels that need to be solved to:

  • Raise brand awareness among online customer
  • Qualify online customers’ brand knowledge
  • Improve the shopping experience of online customers

However, the challenge remained that for Alcon there were hardly any opportunities to influence customers buying contact lenses online.


To overcome this challenge, Alcon and Sunrise have developed a new digital content marketing system. This makes it easy for the Alcon brand owner to implement relevant marketing content directly on various web shops. Customers can now experience Alcon marketing campaigns while “surfing around in the digital store” as they buy their contact lens products.



Point Of Sale – in a digital format

The solution was to develop a CMS that can produce digital Point of Sale campaigns. Alcon Brand Managers can now directly implement relevant marketing campaigns into web shops across different countries and markets from their desk regardless of where in the world they are located.

The new system lets Alcon edit and create new versions of campaigns without involving an agency or the web shop. Everything is done online and everything is on brand.

The philosophy behind this system is no different from implementing trade campaigns in physical shops. We took a traditional offline POS marketing mindset and converted it for digital sales channels – a first for the optician industry.

Taking the system live has involved a fair amount of dialogue between Alcon and the web shop partners. But as the benefits the system brings to all parties are so obvious, this hurdle was easily overcome.


A completely new mindset for online trade marketing

Alcon can now implement their own campaigns, which are targeted specifically towards online customers shopping for contact lenses. These customers can be influenced through various digital stimuli that include small campaigns or larger and more complex campaigns – text, images, graphics, videos etc.

At the same time, the web shops feel that this branded content supports them to give the individual customer a better and more engaging digital shopping experience.

Last but not least, both parties expect the system to provide significant cost reductions over time, as everything is online and can be dealt with centrally.

This represents a new mindset for trade marketing and its ability to impact e-commerce.

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