Revitalizing the leading distributor of wooden packaging in Scandinavia

Client: Dansk TræemballageTopics: B2B, Branding, Strategy & Insights, Visual Identity

Dansk Træemballage (DTE) is the biggest distributor of wooden packaging in Scandinavia and everyday more than 1.500 global customer supply chains depend on DTE.

However, with investment from Kirk Capital, the two organizations wanted to fulfill the commercial potential of the organization and position the brand to reach the increasing ambitions for the future. Therefore, the management turned to Sunrise looking to create the optimal conditions for future growth and success –including a revitalization of the brand, internal values, market position, customer payoff, visual identity, and digital presence.

Need for a new strategic brand and marketing approach

With a legacy dating back to 1915, DTE have evolved from being a series of small and local sawmills to the leading developer and manufacturer of wooden packaging in Scandinavia. 

However, although the organization had grown significantly over the years, marketing had yet to take a strategic role internally at DTE. Therefore, to continue to thrive, and further grow the business and concur new markets, the company needed to focus on creating the optimal conditions for growth and expansions through a fully rounded strategic brand and marketing approach.

This included finding a common narrative and vision that everyone within the organization would unite behind, building empathy with customers, developing an appealing identity, and developing a new website to serve as the driving force behind the new commercial approach to sales and marketing.

Unpacking the core narrative

Working with the brand, we began by describing everything that lives within the walls of the company – unpacking the core narrative and unique brand position of DTE.

This task included both extensive external and internal research. Therefore, various interviews with internal stakeholders and core customers were conducted to build empathy with all relevant stakeholders, understand the different value drivers and develop a new brand position, a purposeful mission and vision combined with core narrative that everyone could rally behind.

Once these fundamentals were in place, we were able to develop a new and dynamic tagline, a fresh visual identity, and bringing it all to life through a vibrant corporate website emphasizing the purpose and values of DTE. The new website has a strong communicational hierarchy, a clear visual expression and optimized user experience to serve as a driving force for both the brand and the organization.

A holistic brand experience

Our work resulted in a strong, new strategic direction with a clear vision and ambition for the future. As one of the primary objectives was to develop a strategic direction for the brand that was not only meaningful to the target audience but would also serve to bring the purpose of DTE to the frontline of the communication, we developed a creative framework “DTE –Packaging with a vision” emphasizing both the internal growth ambitions and the extensive focus on sustainability. The creative framework now serves as an anchor and guiding principle across the organization.

The result was a holistic brand experience through a unique and purpose driven brand concept to help consolidate DTE’s position in the market, provide the optimal conditions for future growth, a distinct visual identity to differentiate the brand, which were all combined in a meaningful digital experience.