How to communicate a complex binding protein invention

Client: BactolifeTopics: B2B

Being an industrial biotech start-up company, Bactolife has an entirely new perspective on the possibilities of the category – the fortified microbiome – through groundbreaking binding proteins. Bactolife faced a challenge on how to communicate their commercial objectives around being an attractive partner for a broad group of stakeholders, with a rather complex product to communicate. We helped Bactolife develop a whole new brand identity that positions them as “The Game Changer”.


Bactolife provides a paradigm shift in helping protect a healthy and balanced gut microbiome by developing biological protein-based solutions – a new revolutionary tool that can neutralize the effects of harmful microbes without destroying the beneficial ones. By incorporating Bactolife’s binding proteins as a specialty ingredient in dietary supplements among other things, they can help target some of the largest consumer health issues.

The challenge was to transform Bactolife’s whole brand identity and defining and sharpening their messaging around who they are, what they stand for and what value they deliver in order to attract new partners, investors, customers and employees.


Through thorough research with internal stakeholders, partners and customers, we identified a clear insight – Bactolife is creating a whole new category within the field of industrial biotech. The solution was to create a brand platform highlighting their unique position as The Game Changer creating a new category with their revolutionary binding proteins enabling a new way of fortifying our gut microbiome. We needed to create a brandplatform that encapsulated Bactolife’s unique approach to empowering worldwide health through a fortified gut microbiome. Furthermore, it needed to capture a distinct visual identity to make Bactolife stand out in the biotech market as a modern, optimistic, and youthful disrupter.


The creation of the new strong and sharpened brand platform will support and improve Bactolife’s growth journey commercially by not only helping Bactolife raise capital from potential investors but also by ensuring attraction of future customers and partners while laying the foundation of effective employer branding through the communication of Bactolife’s DNA being permeated by innovation, expertise and integrity.

“As we are in an important stage in our Company’s development, we were looking for a partner to support us in building a strong brand with compelling story and a powerful visual identity. The brand platform should enable us to communicate to investors, potential partners, regulators and future employees. Sunrise demonstrated a thorough understanding of our rather complex technology and industry, and effectively helped us translate our business strategy, vision and mission into a strong brand platform that ensures both direction, relevance and competitive advantage”

– Julie Louise Rastad, VP Business Development, Bactolife