Repositioning to be more than the government’s advisor

Client: Poul SchmithTopics: B2B, Branding & Communication, Mobility


Copenhagen is a thriving life science city home to several leading universities, research institutions, and biotech companies. With a strong focus on innovation and collaboration, Copenhagen is a global hub for cutting-edge research and development in areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology. But despite a genuine position of strength, the city still grappled with awareness problems and little international recognition of its prominent position.

To position Copenhagen as the global leader within life science, Copenhagen Capacity and Wonderful Copenhagen sought a platform to increase international awareness, unite the industry’s leading stakeholders, and create the optimal conditions to attract life science talent, companies, and global conventions.


The question was not only how to increase brand awareness among the Danish business community, but also how to reposition the firm in a way that wouldn’t compromise its prestigious role as the government’s preferred legal advisor.


Working closely with Poul Schmith, we began by conducting in-depth interviews to gain a better understanding of the firm’s DNA and the needs of the market. This led to several concept directions that would enable Poul Schmith to seize relevant positions in the market.
With the new brand position in place, we helped translate it into a unique communication concept. The solution was simple yet effective. Two letters: PS. Widely recognized and used to convey essential information, the PS abbreviation aligns with the initials of Poul Schmith.
An awareness campaigns was planned to activate the new concept across media channels. This consisted of several advertisements communicating how Poul Schmith can help the private sector.


Our collaboration with Poul Schmith led to a solution that gained unanimous support from the firm’s leading partners and board. The creative idea was effective across different platforms, resonating with the target audience and increasing traffic to Poul Schmith’s digital channels.