Positioning Copenhagen as the world’s leading life science hub

Client: Copenhagen Life ScienceTopics: B2B

To elevate international awareness of the Copenhagen life science scene, Sunrise developed a global brand platform and identity to unite Denmark’s leading life science institutions in a collaborative platform.


Copenhagen is a thriving life science city home to several leading universities, research institutions, and biotech companies. With a strong focus on innovation and collaboration, Copenhagen is a global hub for cutting-edge research and development in areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology.

But despite a genuine position of strength, the city still grappled with awareness problems and little international recognition of its prominent position.

To position Copenhagen as the global leader within life science, Copenhagen Capacity and Wonderful Copenhagen sought a platform to increase international awareness, unite the industry’s leading stakeholders, and create the optimal conditions to attract life science talent, companies, and global conventions.


Sunrise collaborated with senior experts from Denmark’s leading life science companies, public foundations, municipalities, universities, and hospitals to create a unique identity for the pioneering public-private partnership.

Working with such a large and diverse group, it was critial to develop a strategic and creative foundation that all stakeholders could identify with and rally behind.

The solution was a brand platform based on the unique combination of Copenhagen’s tradition for scientific innovation and the city’s outstanding quality of life. As a place of cutting-edge research and vibrant urban living, Copenhagen can truly call itself the capital of both “life” and “science”. In other words, the city embodies its position as the world’s leading life science hub.


Our collaboration led to an innovative co-branding platform that unites 25 companies, public institutions, municipalities, universities, and hospitals with a clear purpose, position, identity, and tonality. We also helped develop an engaging website and extensive digital toolbox to enable all project partners to activate the new brand across their own platforms.

Additionally, we spearheaded the strategic and creative development of an international campaign built around testimonials from the CEO of Novo Nordisk, the Danish Minister of Interior & Health, the Vice Dean of Medical Science at Copenhagen University, and other opinion leaders within the industry. The result was an authentic and effective campaign creating awareness and elevating the perception of Copenhagen as the world’s capital of life and science.