Building a Customer-Centric Brand Platform to Communicate Eltronic Group’s True Values and Purpose

How to properly communicate identity, when ones identity spans several industries through investments in Industrial SMEs

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Eltronic Group invests in and supports industrial SMEs in their global growth endeavors with a vision of helping them become best-in-class sustainable performers. Since its founding as Eltronic A/S in 2000, Eltronic Group has continually grown its business in various engineering and technology industries by acquiring new companies and expanding its range of competencies. Today, Eltronic Group employs roughly 700 employees across a broad spectrum of disciplines within engineering and technology – Expanding into a wide range of engineering and technology industries, Eltronic Group arrived at a challenge: how to properly communicate its identity, when its identity spans several industries? Understanding that there’s much more to Eltronic Group than its vast catalogue of products and services, Sunrise, together with Eltronic Group, developed a brand platform that clearly articulated the parts – but made an impact by expressing the whole.


As Eltronic Group expanded to encompass more and more activities, how to properly communicate its full range of competencies soon emerged as a formidable challenge. It was necessary for Eltronic Group to develop a style and tone that resonated with its target audience, while also clearly communicating what Eltronic Group is, what it stands for and, of course, its vast catalogue of unique products and services.


Speaking with employees across Eltronic Group and coming to a better understanding of the company, it became obvious that its competencies and ambitions weren’t limited to optimizing engineering and technology solutions. Rather than simply acquiring and growing businesses, Eltronic Group’s mission is to share its own expertise to help other companies embark on their own journeys. Influenced by its own history, it’s clear Eltronic Group harbors a deep admiration and respect for entrepreneurship.
In collaboration with Eltronic Group, it was this mission we had to communicate to the public.


We developed a new, customer-centric brand platform and corporate website featuring a strong visual identity to communicate Eltronic Group’s true values and purpose, while also implementing the new tone and design across various marketing elements.