Deriving a coherent strategy for increased customer engagement

Client: Alpha OriTopics: B2B

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) develops advanced technology for the maritime industry which helps both ship owners and charterers save millions in costs and CO2 emissions through their IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence hardware and software solutions. They had grown to a stage where marketing needed to be an efficient growth driver that contributed to…


AOT has had a rocket start to their ambitious adventure with investments and clients from some of the biggest shipping companies in the world. However, due to increasing demands and ambitious growth goals, AOT needed to define and develop their brand and marketing efforts to conquer their “rising star” position.

This entailed defining where to play and how to win within the deep-tech maritime space; laying down the cornerstones of a brand and marketing strategy that would be foundational roadmap identifying and prioritizing AOTs go-to-market approach for the coming year by making the efforts tangible and outlining the key initiatives and objectives through which success will be achieved.


Sunrise conducted a thorough market analysis and defined whom to target and how to position the company to win in the long run and capture additional market share. After having determined the strategic pillars of the strategy, a complete revamp of AOT’s visual and verbal identity was realized, creating a distinct and captivating brand identity enabling AOT to differentiate from other market players and leverage their full potential.

Furthermore, a thourough marketing and inbound marketing playbook was developed and implemented creating a scalable marketing setup that allows AOT to test, track and scale what works in the market as they grow smarter along the way.


Through the complete transformation and rollout of AOTs new brand and marketing platform, the company has experienced a significant increase in new sales opportunities across critical markets. The organization is now geared for further market expansions through a marketing plan with clear, ambitious goals and a brand identity that is uniquely AOT and reflects the company’s mission and vision of transforming maritime organizations into truly digital enterprises.

The collaboration continues as Sunrise and AOT’s strong collaboration has lead to ongoing activities such as a new website, social media strategy, CRM Hubspot support, digital features (ROI calculator, website applications, digital lead funnels etc.) and employer branding activities.

“We have previously lacked the marketing and branding competencies needed to scale our company further and achieve brand awareness in the industry. Through our collaboration with Sunrise, we have found a partner that has managed to understand the complex industry that we operate in while also shaking things up creatively – which turned out to be exactly what we needed to get our customers to come to us. We look forward to the continued collaboration with the Sunrise team and to taking AOT 2.0 even further.” – Sam Jha, CPO at Alpha Ori Technologies