Elevating G&O Maritime Group’s digital presence with a new platform

Client: G&O Maritime GroupTopics: B2B

To improve G&O Maritime Group’s digital presence, Sunrise developed a new user-friendly digital platform and CRM solution.


G&O Maritime Group, a collection of six niche sub-companies serving the maritime industry, had a desire to enhance their digital presence. They wanted to optimize their website and create a consistent visual expression across all their sub-brands while also generating leads through a website that could collect their sales and marketing data. Their previous websites lacked functionality, user focus, and were operationally challenging to manage.


Sunrise provided a solution by integrating a flexible WordPress multisite solution for G&O Maritime Group, ensuring a consistent user journey and design across all their websites. The project involved a workshop, content review, and close collaboration with stakeholders to challenge content, user journey, and information hierarchies. Additionally, a CRM system was integrated with HubSpot to collect and manage sales and marketing data efficiently, creating a lead-generating website and aligning sales and marketing efforts. Overall, the combined multisite and CRM solution provided G&O Maritime Group with a user-friendly and effective digital platform to showcase their sub-brands while streamlining their business operations.


G&O Maritime Group successfully launched seven new websites with integration to HubSpot, connecting their sales and marketing efforts across all sub-brands. This marked the beginning of their unified and strong group synergy strategy.