How to optimize the customer experience across touchpoints

Client: KompanTopics: B2B, Consulting, Strategy & Insights

KOMPAN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of playground and outdoor fitness equipment. KOMPAN designs, manufactures and installs more than 1,000 playgrounds and fitness areas each month across 90 countries.

KOMPAN wanted to gain deep qualitative insights into the full customer experience for its eight segments across markets, starting with the landscape architects, in order to guide the development of their global marketing and sales approach across channels and platforms.

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KOMPAN has many different customers with varying needs, pain points and behaviors, making it hard to know what triggers them, what they are looking for and which channels they use to search for inspiration. Each target group therefore needs different approaches.

KOMPAN had four uncovered themes that they wished to learn more about: What are landscape architects’ needs, behavior, pain points before, during and after designing a playground or outdoor fitness? Which channels do they use during the customer journey and how? What wishes for information and inspiration do they have and why? What are the most important parameters when choosing a supplier and why?


Based on the insight study we achieved deep insights into the customer journey of the landscape architects and their wants, needs and pain points through the journey. We got a clear idea of who to target through persona descriptions, how to target them and how to prioritize future initiatives. Together with KOMPAN we identified the three most important action points; a global social media strategy, an updated inspiration landing page for architects and new sales material.


To better communicate to the customers, the social media strategy was established to build a bigger presence on Pinterest and Instagram and defined how to share inspirational pictures of projects, situations and topics to create dialogue and engagement with the customers. An updated landscape architect sales presentation was created, with more attention to sustainability and the needs and pain points of landscape architects.

It furthermore resulted in a landing page with more emphasis on inspirational nature pictures, natural materials and sustainability. For the landing page, we also created a film, that take the architects through KOMPAN’s design philosophy and how KOMPAN can take their ideas and make them reality.

With these initiatives KOMPAN over time will become able to fully optimize their services for leveraging their global marketing and sales materials across channels and platforms.

This project demonstrates the importance of uncovering relevant knowledge and insights about customers, because it defines the foundation for company initiatives to be able to achieve great results. The insight study provided valuable insights that completely changed the way KOMPAN understood their customers and hence became groundbreaking in KOMPAN’s further visual and verbal communication. This is a great example of how deep qualitative insight studies pays off.