Re-positioning the biggest privately owned service company in Scandinavia

Client: ForenedeTopics: B2B

Forenede Group turned to Sunrise with the ambition of renewing the entire brand, including its values, position, visual identity, tone-of-voice, and payoff – all of which needing to be presented in a new website.


With two very different business areas in different markets and a strong emotional legacy tied to the existing corporate platform, Forenede’s brand was not equipped for the current challenges it faced. The company needed to focus on a holistic brand renewal. It was vital for the new brand to be clearly understood across the business in Sweden and Denmark, and by the different target audiences spread across the public and private sectors. This included finding a common narrative and clear vision that all internal stakeholders could get behind. It was important to lift the growth potential of Forenede by gaining a more comprehensive understanding of different customer needs and behaviours. Furthermore, it was essential to ensure brand alignment across countries, business areas and target audiences.


Sunrise began by describing everything that makes up Forenede – unpacking its core narrative and unique values. This task included both extensive external and internal research and workshopping to build empathy with customers, employees, the board, and owners. Once these fundamentals were in place, we were able to develop a new, dynamic tagline and a fresh visual expression including a new logo. With this new CVI, Sunrise developed five individually linked websites across countries and business areas with a clear hierarchy and a common visual identity. Furthermore, the user experience of the websites was optimised to drive sales activities through lead generation across the group and customer touchpoints.


The work resulted in a strong new strategic direction for the group with a clear vision and ambition for the future. As the primary objective was to develop a strategic direction that was both meaningful to the target audiences and worked for the group internally, we developed a creative framework “Forenede – Fordi der er forskel” (Forenede – Because there’s a difference). The result was a unified and unique platform for the entire Forenede Group. A platform that unlocked synergies across five stunning, individually linked websites. Both platform and websites worked regardless of country, language, industry, and target audience – with a clear brand identity, hierarchy, visual expression, and user experience.