Commercial Lead for one of Denmark’s fastest growing fintech companies

Client: Scaleup FinanceTopics: B2B

Scaleup Finance is a fintech company that handles financial management for Next Generation Founders. In 2022, they broke the Danish record for receiving the largest seed funding. Sunrise has worked closely with the Scaleup Finance Team as Commercial Lead to ensure high growth and impactful market expansion, particularly in Denmark and the UK. Together with Brand Strategists T for Troels and Brand Designer Tyge Vonsbæk, we have built a scalable brand and marketing strategy which is ready for the world.


Scaleup Finance aimed to accelerate sales and transition from relying primarily on referrals (95%) to a more scalable solution, where the pipeline continually is filled with new leads. At the same time, they wanted a clear and precise strategy for entering the UK market – a commercially must win-battle for the fast-growing company.

At first glance, this could sound like a straightforward sales activation task. However, the team quickly realized that in order to accelerate sales and drive real commercial growth both short and long-term, they needed to take two steps back and dive into Scaleup Finance’s brand identity and messaging as well as the company’s overall brand and marketing approach. And so they did.


With ambitious goals and little time, the team worked on multiple projects at the same time. One of the keys to success was to work with roadmaps and go-to-market plans short-term (3 month intervals) to ensure high agility and adaption on one hand, and ensure constant overview and the right prioritization of initiatives on the other.

Sunrise played an essential role in executing Scaleup Finance’s go-to-market plans and roadmaps. T for Troels and Tyge Vonsbæk developed and entirely new Brand Strategy and a comprehensive Brand Identity: New logo mark, typography, colour schemes, design assets, grids, brand narrative, key messaging, marketing concepts, motions concepts, product UI and web design. Sunrise was Marketing Activation Lead and handled all the marketing activation of the new brand strategy including:

  • Launching new website 
  • Social media & content strategy
  • Paid Social such as traffic and lead-optimised lead ads (primarily on LinkedIn)
  • Advanced HubSpot-integrations, data structure and sales handling (uniting marketing and sales)
  • Content and film production


Today, Scaleup Finance has a unique and recognizable identity and a well-orchestrated brand and marketing strategy that fits their ambition and position as an industry game-changer.

The fast-growing company has seen a high performance and impact in the Danish and UK market. And today only 10% of sales are referrals (compared to 95% before), while marketing is one of the main drivers of filling the sales pipeline with new leads, which makes their marketing approach much more scalable and suited for a fast-growing company.

Furthermore, the team has demonstrated that even when the goals are mainly sales oriented, real commercial effect is achieved when thinking of both short and long-term initiatives together. In this case, brand strategy and marketing activation.