A rebrand beyond compare to conquer market share

Client: LactosanTopics: B2B

As the inventor of cheese powders back in 1951, Lactosan’s products are the secret ingredient in leading food companies around the globe. They are made as a taste and flavour enhancer for many of our favourite food products, including biscuits, snacks, dips, desserts and more. Intent on further strengthening their global position and fuelling market…

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With a constant focus on R&D, Lactosan has propelled themselves to the forefront of the industry. This has led to many innovations, such as the ground-breaking Natural Culinary Boosters®, which provide revolutionary, multifunction benefits within completely new application areas.
The challenge posed by this ambitious project was to transform the position, value proposition and whole identity of Lactosan’s product portfolio with a simple and compelling story about how it brings value to their customers. The story needed to create a clear distinction and synergy across Lactosan’s product portfolio, while also fitting with the overarching brand concept so to accommodate future campaigns and platforms to boost sales.


Through thorough research, we identified a clear path to sell a larger transformation narrative to the market. We made the craftmanship and products of Lactosan the hero of the story, creating a platform that allowed Lactosan to highlight its commitment to the success of its customers. The new product concepts and website were brought to life through an immersive, distinct and bold photo style and attention-grabbing visual palette – all together setting Lactosan apart from the rest of the industry.


With a complete revamp of the positioning and concept of Lactosan’s product portfolio, as well as a marketing campaign and new digital platform, Lactosan is well situated to gear up its marketing activities. The all-around effort will help Lactosan and its distributors sell its products even more effectively and efficiently in a highly competitive global market.

We have tried and tested quality products that we know work well in the market and that our clients are happy with. And even though we know everything worth knowing about cheese powder – after all, we invented it – we need a partner that can help us shake things up creatively and conceptually – helping us meet our commercial goals. Elevating our marketing to match our products true value add for our customers. Sunrise has showed us how they understood our business and the complexity of our products while allowing us to deliver a completely new brand and marketing experience to our global audience’s that sets us apart from the competition

Jesper Olsen, Sales & Marketing Director, Lactosan