How insights, brand foundation and inbound marketing can tie sales and marketing closer together

Client: ZylincTopics: B2B, Consulting, CRM, Inbound Marketing, Strategy & Insights

Zylinc develops market leading products for switchboards, receptions, call centers, service centers and contact centers. Zylinc’s products are made to help organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences, with intuitive software solutions that give the overview to work faster and more efficiently.Zylinc wanted to take their commercial journey to the next step and tie sales and marketing…

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Zylinc are experts in what they do – and they are good at communicating about their products. But they had challenges in translating this into valuable messages for their target groups. They lacked in-depth knowledge of the needs of their target groups. As a result, the communication was too technical and old-fashioned. This also led to impaired lead generation through marketing channels and ineffective processes when they first got into their CRM system. But the culture and the employees at Zylinc is super passionate and not old-fashioned at all, so we needed to express this to the customers as well.

Based on desktop research, workshops, digital audits, we recommended the initiatives that we believed would take Zylinc to the next level. Together we prioritized the most important action points and developed a roadmap for the various activities.


We started out by getting to know Zylinc and their customers through qualitative interviews, which laid the foundation for the brand strategic direction: The experts – with an attitude. In addition to this, we built on their existing tagline “Liberating” and turned it into “Liberating technology”. Zylinc’s technologies free up a lot of time for their customers (receptionists, customer service, etc.) who use their solutions. Of course, Zylinc’s brand had to represent this freedom.

In addition to the brand strategic work, we also investigated how we could optimize their CRM and digital presence to start generating more qualified leads. The focus here was to decrease the number of leads and instead increase the quality of each lead in order to ultimately generate more Sales Qualified Leads.


We updated Zylinc’s brand foundation, so it expressed the liberating feeling, and we emphasized their Scandinavian heritage in their visual identity, as this is perceived positively among their customers. This process helped to create a market-relevant message and expression – which was important when we started developing their inbound strategy. To optimize their CRM, we sat up their HubSpot, developed a marketing plan and implemented an ongoing inbound track with social media ads to generate leads. Based on customer interviews, we developed persona descriptions for each target group, which we actively use for inbound marketing and targeted segmented communication. To reinforce Zylinc’s digital lead generation and increase traffic, we developed a new website that reflects their new brand foundation as well as a partner portal to make their collaboration with the partners even closer.

With these initiatives, Zylinc were ready to conquer their strong market position with a differentiating brand foundation, an optimized marketing and lead machine and communication at eye level with the customers.

This project demonstrates the efficiency and the great value it creates when you work coherently with multiple marketing areas: insights, brand foundation, CRM, Inbound Marketing, and digital solutions.