Fighting social isolation through communication and social media

Client: The Mary FoundationTopics: NGO

Founded by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, Mary Fonden is one of the most well-known foundations in Denmark. Mary Fonden’s main purpose is to fight social isolation and is especially known for its work to prevent loneliness and bullying in schools and other institutions. Social isolation is a complex problem that can have major consequences for both individuals and society as a whole. From a communication perspective, it is not something that can be solved via a single campaign. It demands a comprehensive effort and long term attention across different channels and focus areas – which Sunrise and Mary Fonden have worked together on for several years.


While communication was already a high priority for Mary Fonden, there was still untapped potential in the activation of its digital channels and social media to inform, inspire and spread tolerance regarding social isolation. At the same time, Mary Fonden wanted a more strategic plan to further unfold its communication platform in order to encompass other areas related to social isolation, such as domestic violence.

Mary Fonden therefore teamed up with Sunrise, which could act as a strategic and creative partner, in addition to contributing to the roll out and activation of communication on social media.


In close collaboration with Mary Fonden, Sunrise has planned and developed always-on activities on primarily social media for several years, in addition to smaller nationwide campaigns. Moreover, Sunrise has worked as a strategic partner for Mary Fonden’s communication efforts, helping form the foundation for various ongoing activities: 

  • Development of social media strategy
  • Planning and development of the national “Ræk ud, grib ind” campaign against domestic violence 
  • Launching Skolestyrken with Børns Vilkår og Red Barnet
  • Communicating Fri for Mobberi
  • Launching Fællesskabsmålingen 2022 with Tryg Fonden
  • Media planning and management
  • Ongoing consulting and handling of social media across all accounts