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SynergyXR is the original and leading presentation platform that helps companies communicate, collaborate, and connect in augmented and virtual reality (XR). They’re on a mission to make it fast and affordable for people to present ideas, products and solutions – anytime and anywhere. But as with all cutting-edge technology, the biggest competition for SynergyXR is the ‘status quo’. How to conquer the status quo? A customer-centric package of stunning website, tailor-made inbound plan and engaging content certainly helps the cause.

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01/ Challenge

To make their product and services available to a larger audience, the SynergyXR brand was introduced to the market in early 2020 as a new SaaS product offering – powered by and leveraging the brand equity of Unity Studios.

As augmented and virtual reality (XR) are emerging technologies, current market education, demand for the product and awareness of the brand were all low. With clear barriers to growth and scalability, SynergyXR needed to rebrand the company as the preferred choice for extended reality solutions for business.

With a new CMO at the helm, they set out to build a marketing function from scratch. They required a strategic brand and marketing approach to shift from ad hoc decision-making to a more robust, comprehensive approach that could craft a meaningful global brand and drive long-term demand.

In short, the goal was to create the right conditions for rapid growth and scalability through a strong lead pipeline for sales.

02/ Solution

Setting off, SynergyXR identified key buyer personas, leveraging their motivations, pains and gains to re-calibrate the brand platform. This included altering the narrative, value proposition and visual identity, as well as the key objectives that would define success.

Moving from strategy to tactics, we formulated a thorough inbound plan – tailoring a customer-centric funnel, tech stack and ecosystem of marketing assets with the website as the epicentre to drive sustainable demand.

03/ Result

A stunning new website, customer-centric inbound plan and funnel, as well as engaging content optimized for awareness, comprehension, and consideration. The entire package supports SynergyXR’s brand position as an industry thought-leader and drives more quality leads into the pipeline to contribute to their yearly revenue targets.

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