FitnessX stand out on social with campaigns tailored to Gen Z

Client: FitnessXTopics: B2C

FitnessX is a new fitness centre in Denmark and has been built from the bottom up from just a few centres. With the fitness market recovering from COVID-19 and identity politics at the top of the agenda, new players like FitnessX have to play their cards right. With stiff competition from market leaders backed by private equity companies, a solid brand foundation with distinct products and campaigns are vital differentiators. 

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With a saturated market consisting of many different fitness centres, everybody is competing for the same clients. The competition is therefore often focused on price and there is very little innovation when it comes to marketing campaigns.

The challenge for Sunrise was how to develop a brand concept and unique products and campaigns that would shape a clear market position and lay the foundation for a scalable business. An even tougher challenge when you consider how hard COVID-19 hit the fitness industry causing huge losses.  

Furthermore, how do you attract the younger generation that’s all about digital, contemporary body images and inclusivity? Gen. Z and millennials demand brands that are joining the conversations surrounding identity politics – not just flouting another six-pack or bubble butt.

With an entire brand to be created from scratch – the road to peak performance for FitnessX was going to be a long hard slog!


In close co-operation with the management of FitnessX we developed a strategy that helped us stand out from our competitors. 

Other fitness chains in Denmark are focused on a one-size-fits-all-strategy where every centre looks and offers the same deal to consumers. Sunrise’s analysis showed that people don’t care about the number of centres across the country, they are more interested in a local centre that meets all their needs. Furthermore, the younger generation is moving away from superficial and objectifying body imagery. They want self-empowered, individual, and achievable body imagery. All these findings proved a need for new product offers that could position FitnessX as a disrupter in the market.Sunrise set about developing a new visual identity based on our insights that could be adapted to each center. Furthermore, we developed a new concept called Træningsven (FitnessBuddy).

With “Træningven” you can give free fitness to your friends, partner, colleague, child, neighbour or whoever you want to train with. You can train together or separately, in the gym or taking part in a class. You can save money and train for half price, or you get the joy of giving to someone you care about. With an airtight strategy for “Træningsven” the look and feel was developed to live up to the expectations of a new generation of healthy, self-empowered individuals. A look and feel that is distinct from every other fitness commercial out there in the Danish market.


To launch and position FitnessX and “Træningsven” we developed a social strategy focused on addressing the target group on the social media they use, and with content that’s on point for a generation that’s questioning the status quo. With point of departure in our thorough desk research on the target group and market, Sunrise developed more than 70 assets that can be used throughout the next year for split-tests/AB testing. Meaning that from now on, FitnessX can make data-driven decisions on the content that works best for its different target groups.

The first results of the campaign have been hugely successful, and we have tripled our advertising effectiveness through understanding the assets that work best – a top result for the fitness industry’s new challenger!