Sub-Branding done right: The key to satisfying diverse customer deeds

Client: MeyersTopics: B2B

Meyers is a well-known brand in the culinary industry that has been transforming the way we eat with its innovative and sustainable approach to food. The company, founded by Claus Meyer, has years of experience and has become a pioneer in the industry. Along with providing high-quality, green, and healthy dishes that have made them a favorite among food enthusiasts worldwide, Meyers also offers lunch agreements in the B2B sector.

Meyers had purchased a lunch brand named Massive, which targets a specific audience and has a distinctive brand identity. While Massive is well-liked among customers for its uncomplicated and widely recognized food options, it deviated from Meyers’ principles and brand image.


Meyers faced the challenge of integrating the Massive brand into its brand hierarchy and offerings without diluting its core brand identity or confusing its customers. The question was, how could Meyers leverage the potential of the Massive brand to cater to a broader audience and satisfy multiple customer needs?


Sunrise interviewed Massive’s existing customers and internal stakeholders to gain insights about preferences, expectations, and experiences with the brand. Based on these interviews, Sunrise collaborated with Meyers to develop and explore creative concepts that effectively communicated the brand’s value proposition. The objective was to leverage the valuable feedback from the customers to satisfy their needs and to seamlessly integrate Massive into Meyers’ brand hierarchy. The insights gathered from the qualitative interviews were carefully analyzed and used to develop solid recommendations for the successful integration of Massive.


The findings resulted in positioning Massive as a sub-brand under the Meyers umbrella, creating a unique USP brand, and developing a new name and visual identity aligned with Meyers’ values and image. The outcome was a successful rebranding of Massive, which catered to the diverse needs of customers while maintaining Meyers’ strong brand identity, enabling the company to leverage the brand’s strengths and reach a broader audience. As part of the rebranding, Massive underwent a name change to “The Well-Known”. It was integrated alongside Meyers’ other kitchens, “Almanac” and “The Green,” offering customers the option to choose from any of them.

As a result, Meyers’ reputation as a provider of high-quality, innovative, and sustainable lunch agreements has been enhanced, and the company has been able to grow its customer base while staying true to its core values.