Growing on Instagram & TikTok with Fintech Company Lunar


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As part of its growth journey, fintech company Lunar wanted to take the next step on social media, to continuously challenge the status quo and to an even greater extent accelerate their content production for Instagram and TikTok. Therefore, the Danish unicorn teamed up with Sunrise’s social specialists, who from day one worked closely together with Lunar’s talented in-house brand and marketing team.


From a marketing perspective Lunar was already in a great place and succeeded in building a strong marketing position in the Nordics as well as experimenting, challenging, and finding new creative ways to communicate its brand and product. However, Lunar wanted to be social-first to an even greater extent with its brand and marketing solutions and needed a team that – besides being able to run as fast – were able to consult and execute on social media in close collaboration with Lunar’s internal team.


Sunrise’s social team quickly became an extension of Lunar’s brand and marketing team and contributed to the strategy development for social media and to the ongoing content production for Instagram and TikTok.

Sunrise structured Lunar’s content to achieve faster and more efficient content production, and at the same time measure data and learn more about the preferences of the target group. 

Sunrise acted as a day-to-day advisor and agile sparring partner for Lunar. For a fast-growing company like Lunar this included – in just the first few months – launching Lunar’s campaign about Will Power, the company’s new brand identity and Lunar’s new crypto product.

Working with a dynamic company like Lunar obviously means unexpected challenges and hard work, but fortunately also visible results that supported Lunar’s overall business goals and strategy.


Together with the Lunar team, we accelerated the post frequency and injected more consistency into the overall content production. We saw an increased growth in reach, interactions and followers on both Instagram and TikTok. Together, we succeeded with co-sourcing and became an agile partner for Lunar working with its team on a day-to-day basis. We constantly tried to find new ways to communicate a complex topic such as finance. And even though it wasn’t a goal, we experienced mentions of our efforts on both Instagram and TikTok.

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