Exploring TikTok with Pilgrim.

Client: PilgrimTopics: B2C

With 40 years of dedication and passion for designing jewellery, Pilgrim is an international brand recognised worldwide for its signature Scandinavian design. Already a known brand among its younger target audience, Pilgrim wanted to take the next step on social media by strengthening its position with an international target group. Pilgrim’s talented in-house brand and marketing team came together with Sunrise’s social specialists to establish and grow a strong presence on a new platform: TikTok.

Transition challenge

Pilgrim wanted to launch on TikTok to drive awareness and brand love internationally, while also strengthening its position among a younger target audience. Pilgrim was, however, cautious about getting started too quickly, as it did not want to risk its content not getting traction and falling through the strong culture and communities that prevail on TikTok.


With the development of a TikTok strategy, Sunrise structured Pilgrim’s content to achieve faster and more efficient content production that is relevant to the target group and true to the brand. Sunrise’s social team quickly became an extension of Pilgrim’s marketing team with day-to-day sparring and advice. Jumping on trends, playing with the Pilgrim brand and exploring new creative directions was part of building brand love, and within a few months, the effort showed visible results that supported the TikTok strategy.


Together with the Pilgrim TikTok team, we accelerated the TikTok frequency and ensured consistency in the overall content production. This resulted in a dynamic feed with variation in content categories and creators. Within the first three months, we gained over 10,000 followers and saw an increased growth in both video views and interactions.