Connecting with the kids

Client: Copenhagen ZooTopics: B2C

Transition challenge

ZOO in Copenhagen is known to all Danes. It is a place families have enjoyed for decades. But the zoo is also a place people quickly forget about. After all, if you’ve seen the lions once, why come again?

ZOO could see this behavior in the visitor numbers. So how could we get the target audience to visit the ZOO more often? The more guests visiting ZOO, the more effective ZOO can be in educating people and spreading its message of nature conservation.


ZOO needed a creative concept that could speak to the kids and, at the same time, tell all the good stories about how it was created to promote nature conservation. In close collaboration with ZOO, Sunrise recommended the development of a kids club. In the ZOO Children’s Club, the kids meet Pelle, the panda, and Kaya, the kangaroo. The two friends invite kids to year-round fun, games, and entertainment at at ZOO. Zookeepers are also always present to tell stories about what’s going on at the zoo.


ZOO now has a concept that can be used for campaigns across various media channels. Pelle and Kaya have become well-known figures among the young children, and the children’s club has gained lots of new members, thus ensuring increased traffic to the zoo.