Meet CBB Mobil´s new social media manager

Client: CBB MobilTopics: B2C


CBB Mobil, one of Denmark’s leading telecommunications companies, is renowned for its humorous commercials featuring yellow figures that symbolize affordable prices. While enjoying high brand awareness and recognition among a broad demographic in Denmark, the company identified untapped potential in targeting younger audiences. To address this, CBB Mobil collaborated with Sunrise to establish a presence on TikTok and build a strong position towards Gen Z.


In formulating their TikTok approach, it was crucial for the team to develop a communication style that was consistent with CBB Mobil’s established brand identity, yet also resonated with the TikTok community. Inspired by the growing trend of mascots on TikTok, we designed a life-sized yellow mascot costume, modeled after their familiar 3D animated TV figures. This ensured brand consistency while adding a new layer of distinctiveness. The team also imbued the mascot with unique traits and characteristics to build a persona that engaged Gen Z users effectively.


Launching a new social media profile from scratch is always challenging. The team from CBB Mobil and Sunrise prepared meticulously for the debut of the new mascot, who would serve as CBB Mobil’s Social Media Manager. Within a few weeks, the strategy yielded impressive results: high user engagement and lots of new followers. A few months in, CBB Mobil’s account has become one of the most popular telecommunications accounts in Denmark on TikTok, measured in terms of engagement and the total number of followers. Furthermore, we have been experimenting with a paid campaign whose purpose was to prove that TikTok is commercial. The paid campaign showed us that in only two weeks, we had 43 completed purchases through our TikTok ads.