Implementing HubSpot as a single platform solution

Client: Timm Vladimirs KøkkenTopics: B2B

Timm Vladimirs Køkken (TVK) is the largest provider of cooking classes in Denmark with more than 30,000 guests every year. The former comedian and now renowned TV-host, Timm Vladimir, started his cooking school 10 years ago. The business has since expanded to three locations in Denmark and more than 25 different classes to choose from. In addition to offering classes for business team-building and private participants, TVK also provides catering services.


TVK wanted a new CRM solution that could both be integrated with its booking system and handle email marketing activities. The company struggled with fragmented systems and the inconvenience of aligning and analyzing data across multiple platforms. TVK also sought a better solution for generating email leads at location-sites. It wanted a solution to improve data association and lead segmentation since the current setup posed multiple challenges to effective marketing.


Sunrise provided TVK with a step-by-step process to implement HubSpot as a complete replacement of TVK’s email marketing platform and CRM software. To integrate the booking system with HubSpot, Sunrise’s developer team built a custom API integration to allow seamless flow of data from the booking system to HubSpot.

HubSpot was implemented to accommodate all the needs of TVK with customer data stored in a single platform. The combination of HubSpot’s versatile marketing/lead capture tool and a dynamic QR-code was implemented to generate email leads at location-sites.

The full solution included:

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation and training sessions
  • Set up data workflows, properties and dashboards
  • Centralizing data in HubSpot, migrating data from existing systems
  • API integration between existing booking system and HubSpot
  • Email marketing template design
  • Email lead capture strategy


Today, TVK is fully operational in HubSpot, where all their customer data is stored. By leveraging the marketing tools in HubSpot, TVK has obtained a more seamless operation and reduced the number of day-to-day systems by 40%.

The API integration feeds data from the booking system into HubSpot which allows the sales team to segment returning and new customers based on purchase. This unlocks new potential for targeted marketing and scalability.

Lastly, the proposed lead capture strategy at location-sites has increased the email subscription base significantly, with 600+ new signups in the first month. This number is only expected to increase over time.