Sunrise is collaborating with Tivoli to help them achieve their goal of increasing awareness and the number of visitors to the Garden’s online casino. The mission is clear: To inject some of that special feeling we know from the Tivoli Gardens and its many rides to the marketing of the Garden’s online casino.

Gaming machines have always been a part of Tivoli. Long before the internet, people who love gambling have wandered through the old Gardens to try their luck at the slot machines and feel the excitement. Just like then, gaming machines are a natural part of the entertainment at the Tivoli Gardens today. Which is why it is only natural that Tivoli has an online casino. Telling this story is part of Sunrise’s task.

”Competing in the market for online casino games is dynamic to say the least” explains partner at Sunrise Jeppe Bo Ebstrup. “The market is crowded with players and more are entering the market as we speak. The reason for this is that the core service is the same throughout the market. Games are often identical across different providers, and it is relatively simple to establish a technical platform on the market”.

Tivoli Casino has a unique advantage, however, because of its connection to the Tivoli Gardens this gives credibility to the brand story, as well as providing opportunities to use different kinds of cross-promotions. The first campaign (from the new collaboration) uses a sign-up bonus for new players, which includes an annual card to the garden. “We will continue to highlight and draw on this connection” says Jeppe Bo Ebstrup. “It helps us differentiate from other providers and attracts not only current online casino players, but also new players, who might not see themselves as customers at some of the other providers in the market – whether they be LeoVegas, SpilNu or a third option.”

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