Having achieved a milestone sale of 25,000 collaborative robots (‘cobots’) worldwide, since selling their first collaborative robot in 2008, Universal Robots wished to manifest their position as the global industry leader within the collaborative robotics segment – boasting the world’s largest base of installed cobots.

With their signature level of ambition, together with the right dose of joyful playfulness, what better way to celebrate the milestone than producing 13 one-of-kind gold edition cobots for their key market regions. Leveraging their iconic signature blue joints, by painting them in a rich, gold-coloured finish, one lucky Universal Robots customer, in each region, would receive a free ‘gold edition’ cobot.

“With this historic milestone, we celebrate not just the success of Universal Robots in empowering customers, but also the successes of our customers in innovating and changing their workplace with collaborative robots,” Jürgen von Hollen, President of Universal Robots, told in a press release. “The Gold Edition robot reflects our continued commitment towards making the unlimited potential of robotics accessible for all.”

The strategy behind the initiative was creating a campaign that focused on both branding and awareness as well as lead generation. Together, Universal Robots and Sunrise developed a series of short playful animation videos, creating the right amount of engagement within the target group of production companies.

Teaming up with our good friends at ThankYou Studio, we created 4 films in total – enjoy.

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